Hello! My name is Myles Lamb and I am a Computing Science graduate from University of Glasgow. During my time at university, I specialised within the computer systems segment of the university, enrolling in courses such as, operating systems, networked systems and, distributed and parallel systems. Culminating in writing my dissertation on measuring the presence of ECN inhibitors on the network.

Since graduating University I have gone on to work in an infrastructure role within the financial services industry here in Glasgow. Where I'm currently working as a Software Engineer at Morgan Stanley.

My working life has lead me pursue interests in various infrastructure related topics, such as container runtimes and how they work (CRI-O, runc). Load balancer patterns for large scale distributed systems and package managers along with distributing the artefacts that they consume.

Outside of work I like to tinker within embedded programming environments, such as writing operating system components for the ARM64 architecture. To improve my technical writing I have decided to document some of the interesting things that I come across in this space. Additionally, I maintain some simpler / smaller projects, such as the static site generator for this website (called Stencil), and maintaining the web server that serves this website.