Why this website looks the way it does

The web obesity crisis is a well documented trend that suggests there is a continual growth of the size of web pages as time passes. There are many stipulated reasons as for the cause of this. Whether it be needless images or the use of heavyweight Javascript or CSS frameworks, thats size overshadows the typically static content it tries to disseminate.

This site uses entirely static HTML content that links to a singular cacheable style sheet over HTTP/2. Which lends itself to being fairly responsive without the need of colocating CDNs or other delivery mechnisms to reduce latency. Fun fact, this server lives in Nuremberg, DE. Despite this, page latency is still relatively low. This is largely due to the fact that this page is only ~6kb in stark contrast to some Javascript dependecies, like JQuery which alone measures in at ~70kb.


The mylesalamb.com domain is hosted on Hetzner Cloud. You can read their privacy policy here. This website is configured to not profile users through cookies or otherwise attempt to track you.

If you have concerns about personal data or want to exercise your rights under the GDPR, contact me under the e-mail contained within my resume.